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Combining retail logistics and merchandising

Today’s consumers are increasingly connected and demand an expanding mix of always-available products. Retailers over the world are in a race to adapt their supply chain to these more frequent and diverse deliveries, while maintaining the efficiency of bulk deliveries to a mixed portfolio of store formats.

This is where we K.Hartwall, with 40 years of experience leveraging returnable goods carriers into retail logistics efficiency, comes in. Our wide range of quality products and the ability to analyse your supply chain and innovate if necessary, allow you to deliver and sell more goods, more profitably.

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Efficiency and cost-savings for FMCG's

There's a lot to be done to improve the logistics efficiency of goods producers.

For efficiency in production, goods carriers that are suitable for automated handling will make all the difference.

In transportation, high cubic efficiency and faster loading and unloading will help you to reach your sustainability goals and lower the amount of waste. More space-efficient solutions translate into lower warehousing needs, too.

In stores, choosing units that are ready for display, can decrease handling costs by 20-25%. Ergonomic, multipurpose designs will make handling simpler for your staff while attractive presentation and branding as well as enhanced product availability are bound to increase sales.

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Keep things rolling with Lean logistics

For the automotive industry, lean manufacturing means making sure that the right component quantities get to the right place at the right time. Whether you are an OEM or a sub-supplier, changing from pallets to wheels is the most important decision when deploying lean logistics.

Ensuring more efficient, forklift-free internal logistics can cut the costs of inventory, handling and in-house transportation. Increased efficiency also means space optimization, shorter turnaround times and better health & safety for staff. Smooth in-house logistics will fully support Lean production principles.

Standardized integrated transport systems improve delivery efficiency and precision, creating an optimized supply chain.

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The next generation of postal logistics

The parcel volumes are increasing, as is the pressure to cut operational costs when handling letters, parcels and 3PL operations. Identifying the need, we have combined all our accumulated know-how and experience to come up with the next generation of Postal Logistics.

What’s in it for you? In a nutshell: higher cubic fills, improved return logistics and fewer deliveries with faster loading and unloading. All of which mean shorter throughput time and better vehicle utilization for lower fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and costs.

By choosing the right solutions for your Postal Logistics operations you will also ensure excellent ergonomics and efficient manual handling in terminals. And with value added services such as asset management and asset tracking, the overall control of your supply chain can be improved.

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Best-fit solution for your industrial logistics

Are you looking for more efficient ways to handle and store your components and WIP between your production process steps? Is your new automation requiring new type of load carriers to enable smoother operations? 

Thanks to our long experience in logistics equipment for different industries we understand your specific requirements and propose solutions that fulfil your needs. Our products are used for example in automatic storing of tyre moulds as well as for the transportation of window panes between production facilities. What is your need?

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