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The next generation of postal logistics

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Maximize space utilization in transport & return logistics

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Decrease handling costs

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Ensure compatibility with automation

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Reach your sustainability targets



The parcel volumes are increasing, as is the pressure to cut operational costs when handling letters, parcels and 3PL operations. Identifying the need, we have combined all our accumulated know-how and experience to come up with the next generation of Postal Logistics.

What’s in it for you? In a nutshell: higher cubic fills, improved return logistics and fewer deliveries with faster loading and unloading. All of which mean shorter throughput time and better vehicle utilization for lower fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and costs.

By choosing the right solutions for your Postal Logistics operations you will also ensure excellent ergonomics and efficient manual handling in terminals. And with value added services such as asset management and asset tracking, the overall control of your supply chain can be improved.


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