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We improve your logistics efficiency

Innovative solutions for over 85 years

K. Hartwall was founded in 1932 in Söderkulla, Finland. Over the years we have generated in-depth knowledge of logistics processes and their financial and environmental impacts.

Today we bring logistics efficiency by delivering innovative solutions, including returnable load carriers and services around them.

Modernizing goods delivery in more than 60 countries

At K. Hartwall we work closely with our customers around the world. We are able to produce measurable benefits through improved logistics flow.

Thanks to the efficient global delivery capability K. Hartwall has become the preferred partner to many companies in retail, dairy, beverage, industrial logistics and automotive.

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  • Flexibility and delivery capability worldwide thanks to our own leading factory in Finland and certified partnered production units in Central Europe and Asia
  • Even quality and best lead time regardless of product type or your location thanks to our global production network. Our best in class Quality Assurance process is valid and in use at all K.Hartwall and partnered production units
  • Innovative and proven design thanks to our K.Hartwall Innovation Centre in Finland with state-of-the-art Product Development and testing facilities

Our global locations

  • K. Hartwall Oy Ab
    Kay Hartwallin tie 2
    01150 Söderkulla
    Tel.  +358 9 413 18 33
    Fax  +358 9 272 1484

  • K. Hartwall Sales Office, UK
    04 Park Square, Thorncliffe Park
    Chapeltown, Sheffield S35 2PH
    United Kingdom

  • K. Hartwall Sales Office, Denmark
    Fynsvej 1
    5500 Middelfart
    Tel.  +45 63 41 20 44
    Fax  +45 64 41 31 44

  • K.Hartwall Sales Office, China
    Block 5, #508, No. 5 Xing Han Street
    Suzhou Industrial Park
    Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, P.R. China 215021

    General Manager China
    Christer Bauer

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