Decrease handling costs

Reduce inventory

Reduce transport costs

Forklift-free environment

For the automotive industry, lean manufacturing means making sure that the right component quantities get to the right place at the right time. Whether you are an OEM or a sub-supplier, changing from pallets to wheels is the most important decision when deploying lean logistics.

Ensuring more efficient, forklift-free internal logistics can cut the costs of inventory, handling and in-house transportation. Increased efficiency also means space optimization, shorter turnaround times and better health & safety for staff. Smooth in-house logistics will fully support Lean production principles.

Standardized integrated transport systems improve delivery efficiency and precision, creating an optimized supply chain.

Standard totes

Standardised integrated transport systems improve delivery efficiency and precision, creating an optimised supply chain. Choosing the K.Hartwall Lean Solution for in-house logistics lets you expand with wheeled logistics both upstream and downstream in your supply chain.

Suitable products and solutions

Standard pallets, foldable cages and boxes

Have you got a lot of standard-sized pallets in your production? Would you like to move them around more efficiently? Take a look at our solutions which offer safe and efficient short distance truck transport at the same time as it is optimised for the most efficient tugger train usage.

Suitable products and solutions

Non standard size items

Do you have bulky and non standard size items in your manufacturing process? Would you like to simplify and modernize the way you handle them? With our products, you can increase the efficiency and profitability of your operations.

Suitable products and solutions

“Ever since we started to use the K. Hartwall Lean Dollies in 2009, we have been able to improve our production flow and reduce handling costs. The implementation of the Lean Adaptor Pallet will now allow us to optimise even further our supply chain. ”