Handle rotations faster and reduce out-of-stock

Maximise the use of your DC and store space

Improve the ergonomics of picking and shelf-replenishment

Preserve the environment

Today’s consumers are increasingly connected and demand an expanding mix of always-available products. Retailers over the world are in a race to adapt their supply chain to these more frequent and diverse deliveries, while maintaining the efficiency of bulk deliveries to a mixed portfolio of store formats.

This is where we K.Hartwall, with 40 years of experience leveraging returnable goods carriers into retail logistics efficiency, comes in. Our wide range of quality products and the ability to analyse your supply chain and innovate if necessary, allow you to deliver and sell more goods, more profitably.


Better - Simpler - Smarter

All retail supply chains share the need to deliver cost-effectively, both in bulk and in smaller quantities to different size of stores and locations. Our roll containers and other wheeled load carriers allow you to do just that: fast manual handling, easy and safe order-picking, less product damages and efficient cubic fill in both outbound and reverse logistics.

Suitable products and solutions


Small – Odd size – Large

There are plenty of products that refuse to be nicely ordered in standard crates or are too bulky to be safely transported on pallets. When using the right load carriers for these types of items, DIY retailers can remarkably increase the efficiency of their supply chain. K.Hartwall provides a wide range of durable and modular load carriers for different distribution models.

Suitable products and solutions


No barrier of size, time or distance

Online and multichannel retail covers a wide range different types of business from consumer based retail to trading goods between companies. The biggest challenge is that it allows consumers to buy goods and services with no barrier of time or distance. Fast-growing e-commerce requires smart and reliable load carriers which enable you to do efficient picking, handlling and distribution of single or batch items.

Suitable products and solutions


Combining logistics with merchandising

Our close cooperation with the beverage industry and retailers have given us an unique insight to build innovative One-Touch-Merchandising solutions. Our cost-efficient and well functioning load carriers can serve producers and Retailers interest in the best way and at the same time be safe and very consumer-friendly.

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Chilled distribution – all the way to the consumer

In order for a chilled distribution system to work properly, every link in the chain has to be considered. Our Dairy Solutions answers to the question: “How to minimise the need for manual handling and maximise supply chain efficiency and in-store display value?”

Suitable products and solutions

Display & POS

Retail Ready - increase your sales

More than 2/3 of all buying decisions in certain product category are made at the point of sales. Display boost sales and enable the introduction of new products. Promotions at the point of sales also serve as a reminder of your brand. Our display units and load carriers enable the placement of seasonal products and campaigns.

Suitable products and solutions

“The Foldia® Roll cage design makes it possible for us to fulfill our customer requirements for easy handling, lowest space requirements when empty, hygienic and durable design. It also enables us to reduce transport costs in reverse logistics from hubs and regional warehouses to our new central warehouse. ”