Royal Mail

“K.Hartwall has been supplying Yorks and “mini” Yorks to Royal Mail for more than 25 years. 2020 marked a real milestone in our cooperation as K.Hartwall supplied the 1 millionth York roll container in November to the York Distribution center where it all began. ”

Royal Mail

The challenge

Royal Mail is one of Europe’s largest parcels and letter delivery network. In the UK alone the company delivers to more than 29 million addresses. Two decades ago Royal Mail was looking for a business partner that would be able to provide delivery efficiency improving logistics solutions and innovate the product line as the time goes by. The answer was K. Hartwall.

The solution

K. Hartwall is Royal Mail’s sole supplier of York roll containers. Over the years the product line has undergone a significant number of changes and K. Hartwall’s ability to innovate has helped cut costs within the whole Royal Mail network. Nowadays the York products are critical to the company, particularly with the switch to parcels driven by increasing Internet purchasing.

Industry: Postal

Size: 10,8 billion £

Solution: York Roll container